Mission Statement

At Paradigm Energy Services, we are passionate about Sustainable Energy Solutions.  Our mission is to provide you, our residential, commercial and industrial clients, a comprehensive Energy Analysis with customized Efficiency Improvement information, empowering you to prioritize the energy solutions best for your economic bottom line, and our collective ecological bottom line.

“If the future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them with more than just the miracles of technology.  We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we were through with it.”
Lyndon B. Johnson

Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to see the complete elimination of the toxic pollution associated with our current energy production paradigm, by offering a New & Sustainable Energy Paradigm.  But before we can ‘turn-around,’ we must first slow down & start changing directions.  Energy Efficiency and Conservation are by far the cheapest, fastest & easiest ways to cut a full 30-50% of our personal and national energy consumption, while dramatically reducing our energy costs.

In order to effectively reduce energy costs, consumption and pollution, our more immediate goal is to remain the leaders in synergizing cutting edge energy analysis with effective & proven cost cutting solutions.  We will strive to remain out in front of the sustainability curve in order to best suit our clients current and future energy needs.

“I’d put my money on the Sun & Solar Energy – what a source of Power!  I hope we don’t have to wait until oil & coal run out before we tackle that.”
Thomas Edison – 1910


When & Why to call us:

We are the Energy Efficiency & Green Design Experts!  No matter what the project – we are the most prudent first step in making that project the Greenest & most Energy Efficient available.  We are setting the New Energy Paradigm – Finding solutions that are both ecologically and economically viable!

Whether you are re-roofing or siding your house, wanting natural light at the office, Solar Panels at your School, or just want to know the most cost effective energy saving improvements to make - we have the Experience, Knowledge, Passion & Expertise required to provide the residential, commercial & industrial markets with not only the necessary analysis and diagnostic capabilities, but the education and experience needed for successful project design and completion.



A message left after a client received his Infrared Report: “Hello Ric – This is Bob C., you just did an Energy Audit (& Infrared Analysis) on my house and I’m just calling to tell you I think you did a fantastic job – much better than I expected!  I don’t know what I expected, but I was really impressed with your report and the information you had in it.  Continue on with the good work, and if I can be of any help, let me know!”  Bob C., Homeowner, Kalkaska, MI

“Ric consulted with us on home energy use issues, tested our house, made recommendations, installed and retrofitted insulation and energy saving devices, all in a very professional, timely manner. He continues to grow with this ever expanding field and I recommend Ric's work.”
Sara Gay D., Homeowner, Charlevoix, MI

“Ric is a pioneer in the area of green practices in our region. He has been preaching his sermon for as long as I have known him.  His effort and ambition to educate the public on green living is unmatched. With the explosion of the green movement in Michigan, Ric has the track record and experience while others are still figuring things out.”
Brian L., Homeowner, Traverse City, MI


Owner & Executive Director            - Ric Evans

Ric grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, spent 2 years at Northwestern Michigan College, finishing college at Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science from the College of Natural Resources in Resource Development.  While at MSU, he was one of the initial students involved in starting up recycling programs for the dorms & cafeterias. 

Being involved with Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy issues and studies for almost 20 years,  Ric’s science background lead him to studying the Building Sciences and Building Performance.  After becoming a Nationally Certified Energy Auditor & HERS Rater in 2006 at the Kansas Building Science Institute (www.kansasbuildingscience.com/) through the Residential Energy Services Network (www.resnet.us),  Ric also gained National Certification thru the Building Performance Institute (www.bpi.org) both as an Energy Auditor (Building Analyst & Envelope Professional) and a BPI Instructor & Proctor in 2009.

In addition to running Paradigm Energy Services, he returned to Northwestern Michigan College (www.nmc.edu/ees) as an instructor several years ago, and continues to teach various Extended Education courses on Home Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Living, and is currently training the next batches of Nationally Certified Energy Auditors and Building Performance Contractors thru BPI & NMC.

Ric is also a regular speaker & presenter all over Northern Michigan covering a broad range of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy & Sustainability issues and topics.  He has been asked to present for groups and events such as the Sustainable Building Forum, the Grand Vision Energy Working Group, Michigan Energy Optimization Program, RePower America, Michigan Interfaith Power & Light, Life-Long Learning workshops, various Home Builder Associations, Realtor & Utility Company seminars, as well as for countless civic & community groups and Energy Fairs.

Ric & his wife Jenn, 2 dogs & 2 cats all live just outside of Atwood, Michigan, where they built a Passive Solar Cordwood addition onto their old farm house in 2003, built almost entirely of reclaimed, onsite & local materials.  They are also continually adding to their Renewable Energy System - Solar Hot Water, Solar Electric & Wind turbine systems, with the hopes of eventually producing all their energy requirements onsite.  Watch their progress and many past projects at: www.odysseyfarm.org (still being developed – but keep checking in!)

Ric was a Co-Host on TV 7&4’s ‘Go Green’ series, April-October 2009:

He was the 2009 Event Director for the National Cherry Festivals ‘DTE Energy Green Day’:

Paradigm Energy Services as well as Ric & Jenn’s home have been the subject of many TV news clips & printed news articles over the years – see our ‘In the News’ for links to those stories.

Rics’ Licenses, Certifications, Member Organizations and Associations:

MI Residential Licensed Builder #2101191596

The Energy & Environmental Rating Alliance

The Building Performance Institute

Residential Energy Services Network

National Association of Home Builders

US Green Building Council

Michigan Green

US Dept of Energy - EnergyStar Partner

Michigan Green Consortium

Little Traverse Assoc. of Home Builders

Michigan Energy Optimization Partner