Paradigm Energy Services offers residential clients an array of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Services, including Energy Audits & HERS Ratings, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Next Generation Home Inspections, Energy Efficiency & Green Building Consulting, Renewable Energy Site Assessments, and EnergyStar® & Green Building Certifications.

Commercial, Industrial & Municipal:

Paradigm Energy Services offers individually tailored audit services for Commercial and Industrial buildings, offices, churches, schools, retail locations, etc.  Audit programs are also offered for towns and municipalities.

While each Commercial, Industrial or Municipal building obviously has its own unique energy use requirements, we have found that most facilities have opportunities for incredible energy cost savings.  Turn huge expenses into positive cash flow improvements!

There are currently lots of Energy Optimization Rebates, Grants and Tax Incentives available, and Energy Audits not only provide necessary efficiency improvement prioritization information, but they are often the required first step in acquiring access to many of these funds.  Contact us to receive more information and a proposal for your Commercial, Industrial or Municipal energy analysis needs.

Builders, Remodelers & Contractors:

Between Weatherization & Building Performance Contracting, EnergyStar® Certifications, NAHB & USGBC Green Building protocols, and a host of other related changes in the Building Trades as we’ve known them, there is no better time to re-educate yourself, your builders, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors in any and all of these headings - they will be the dominate force carrying the Building Industry into the foreseeable future.  Energy Efficiency and ‘Green Building’ are here to stay, and those who don’t remain current and forward thinking might as put the truck & tools on Craig’s list!

In the coming decade, almost every structure in America will be getting a major ‘Weatherization Face-lift’ and most if not all new builds will be built to much higher energy efficiency standards than we’ve ever witnessed – and that’s a good thing!  There’s a ton of work out there, and there will only be more & more as energy costs continue to rise and home & building owners search out ways to ‘weatherize’ their home to today & tomorrow’s standards.

Paradigm Energy Services offers Certifications & Verifications for all of the major National Certification programs including the Department of Energy’s EnergyStar® , US Green Build Council’s various LEED programs , and the National Association of Home Builders ‘Green Building Standards’

Paradigm Energy Services also offers trainings for builders, contractors and developers who would like to get ‘up to speed’ on this fast moving & emerging market for the building trades industry.  Please contact us for customized training information and pricing.

There are continually more and more incentives offered to builders for building better, greener, more energy efficient homes and buildings, and Paradigm Energy Services can be your contact for being sure to capture all the incentives available, as well as verifying code compliance.


A starting block and pre-requisite of any and all ‘Green Building Certification’ programs is a HERS Rating & EnergyStar® Certification for New Construction, and Paradigm Energy Services is the place to start that process.


Please visit  and contact us for additional information.


(Realtors, Brokers & Lenders)

Next Generation Home Inspections:

Paradigm Energy Services offers Comprehensive Home Inspection services for the real estate market, brokers, lenders and home purchasers or sellers.  Our background allows us to be uniquely positioned within the ‘home inspection industry,’ being the first in region, if not the Midwest, to offer comprehensive home inspection services that can incorporate Energy Audit & Home Energy Rating Standards (HERS) into the equation – the Next Generation Home Inspection! 

Typical home inspections fall short in offering the whole picture of how a home operates or performs.  Being able to project energy costs and pinpoint energy efficiency attributes, or shortcomings, offers the home buyer a much broader picture of a homes true operating costs.  This also offers the home seller the opportunity to either showcase efficiency improvements made, or points to cost effective improvements that could be made to more effectively and competitively market the home.

A HERS Rated home also opens the home buyer up to additional financing options such as the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) that allows various needed energy efficient improvements to be rolled into the mortgage, and actually creating a net positive cash flow for the home owner, while increasing the homes value!  Additionally, an energy rating allows homebuyers to easily compare the energy performance of the homes being considered.

As Realtors, Brokers and Lenders become more familiar with these energy efficiency & financing tools, HERS Ratings & Energy Audits will soon become a regular component of home transactions.  There are already several states around the country that require an Energy Audit and homes to be HERS rated at the time of sale.  This is one of the reasons the MLS now offers an information box for entering the HERS Rating, EnergyStar® or Green Built Certification, or other Green/Energy Efficient information or attributes of the home.